Comparison and connection between different types of doors and windows

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The outer frame of the partition door can all be made of 6063 national standard aluminum extrusion profiles. The material, oxide film thickness and surface treatment quality all meet the GB/T5237-2000 standard; it can also be made in a frameless way, directly connected with tempered glass door hinges or fasteners.

The standard gauge of the sliding door is 39.7mm, the upper rail has two styles, namely the standard upper rail, the curved upper rail, and the lower rail also has 2 styles, namely the standard lower rail and the train rail;

The hidden frame sliding door is made of high-grade aluminum-titanium alloy, which can solve the shortcomings of the original carbon steel hidden frame door, such as easy rust, large vibration, instability and insecurity, and at the same time overcome the hidden danger of easy damage to the lower wheel caused by the offset of the center of gravity of the sliding door. The design makes its sliding wheels common to other sliding doors and makes it last longer.

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