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Join process

1. The applicant consulted "Ouli Hardware" for the first time to understand the matters related to joining.

2. After consultation, the applicant should carefully consider the research based on their own and local actual conditions. If there is any intention to cooperate and join, they can apply to the "Ouli Hardware" headquarters and fill in the "Join Application Form", and then send it to the company.

3. After receiving the applicant's "Join Application Form", the company will send relevant personnel to negotiate with you. If the two parties can reach a cooperation consensus, they will formally sign a distribution contract.

4. After the contract is signed, the two parties formally determine the operation of the store, and design and decorate according to the company's unified standards. "Ouli Hardware" provides corresponding guidance on opening preparations and personnel training.

5. After opening and operation, franchisees should keep in touch with the company at any time and accept the operation guidance and management of the headquarters.

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